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EZvisitation – providing a secure and neutral environment for one-on-one supervision, neutral or monitored exchanges and transfers , and telephone or video monitoring in Palm Beach, Broward County and beyond.

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Getting started

  • All individuals involved must contact EZvisitation and schedule their intake interview to use our services. Our staff will not contact the other party to schedule this appointment.
  • Intake paperwork is to be filled out completely and prior to first scheduled visit.  Required documentation (court orders, attorney requests, psychological evaluations, etc) must accompany this paperwork and be submitted via email before the intake process is considered complete.
  • After all paperwork is received, a consultation will be conducted with all parties involved in the supervision process.  This includes the non-custodial parent as well as the custodial parent.  Please provide two (2) forms of identification at time of intake.
  • Once the consultations are completed, both parties will be contacted by phone and/or email to let them know that the non-custodial parent may request visitation.

In the event that services do not begin within six months after the intake consultation, a new intake will have to be completed in order to activate services. A fee will be charged for reactivation and must be paid prior to visitation services.

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Who I am

Juli Zeno holds multiple degrees in Education. She has been working with children and families from diverse backgrounds in the tri-county area for over 30 years. Her expertise lies in general population, children with autism and other disabilities. She is CPR & First Aid trained as well as having a level 2 background completed.





Telephone Monitoring

Accepts High Profile Cases

Visitation at Schools, Family Events, Games, Parks, etc.

You should also know…

Our goal is to make the visitation experience as comfortable for all parties.

Our priority is to maintain an unbiased role during visits. Intervention is only done on an as needed basis to maintain a comfortable and civil atmosphere. Our focus during a visitation is to make sure that your child is able to interact with his/her parents and family members in a healthy, safe and secure environment.

We provide flexible hours at off-site locations with the goal of scheduling regular visitations.

We strive to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals and children.


“Thank you so much for all your effort, kindness, empathy,and sense of humor today. I really appreciate all the extra little things you do; that I know you don’t have to do at all. And I really thank you for that. Take care and I’ll see you next month!”

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Appointments may be scheduled by phone or email.  Payment must be received prior to the visit in cash.  Two hour minimum.

48 hour cancellation notice required or minimum payment (2 hours) will be due.

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Phone: 954-816-3311