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My choice to open a supervised visitation business came after I was ordered by a judge to monitor a parent while she visited her child at the school where I was working. After monitoring and then doing some research, it became apparent to me that the way visitations were taking place was not necessarily in the best interest of either the non-custodial parent or the child. That’s when it occurred to me that I could make visits more fun and more relaxed for everyone involved.

The visitations were moved out of the classroom and were conducted at various locations throughout the county. The child and non-custodial parent were considerably more comfortable. That led to a more relaxed visit and enjoying a better quality of time. Eventually, as more families came to use our services, the visits were held on location and the parents raved! Kids were happier and enjoyed the visitations so much more. So did the non-custodial parent. That first parent suggested I should open up a business and that’s when EZvisitation was born.

What is the Purpose of Supervised Visitation & Who Would Use This Service?

Supervised Visitation is helpful in providing a safe and neutral environment for all parties involved.  When visits are scheduled through EZvisitation, the opportunity to maintain contact with your children is comfortable and done in a non-judgmental way.  These visits can be done through the custodial and non-custodial parent, the court system, lawyers or child-serving agencies.

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BA Elementary Education

AS Early Childhood Education

Both degrees have led to teaching opportunities, leadership and mentoring appointments as well as becoming the CEO of a school for children with moderate to severe disabilities.

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